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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 12, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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speeds no where near those numbers. we're looking at the speed limit, though, past the coliseum. we'll give you an update on those two crashes for walnut creek, coming up. it is monday, may 12th and this is "today in the bay." and a very good monday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. a baby in stable condition after nearly drowning in a backyard swimming pool. "today in the bay" christie smith live in concord and, christie, this is my least favorite story as a reporter. it is getting warmer and the pools are opening. how is the baby? >> good morning to you. the latest information that we have is that the baby is in stable condition but very scary for one family and, unfortunately, the kind of thing you do hear about when the weather heats up as it is
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expected to do this week. concord police were among the first to arrive at a home on deckert court at 6:15 yesterday and found a baby unresponsive being cared for by family members. an initial report that a baby drowned in a backyard swiming pool and police started life-saving cpr until paramedics could arrive minutes later and the baby was taken initially for treatment and may have been transferred to a second hospital. of course, water safety, something that we really think about as we head into the 90s this week. soaring temperatures. children and families trying to cool off. may get so warm in some places that cooling centers may even open up. but, again, the latest information that we have is that this baby is in stable condition. reporting live in concord, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. lawyers for the two men accused of killing a 3-year-old boy in oakland will make their opening statements today.
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lawrence denard and willie torrance charged with murder for the shooting death of carlos nava back in 2011. denard opened fire during a drive-by shooting outside a grocery store in east oakland. a stray bullet hit nava killing him. torrance is accused of driving the car. a pilot had to make an emergency landing five miles east of livermore yesterday. a single engine about 3:30 yesterday afternoon that engine apparently failed and the pilot landed in a field. well, that turned out to be sandia national labs. the pilot was questioned before being released. nobody hurt and the plane was not damaged. disgraced clippers owner donald sterling in his own words. the nba team owner finally breaks his silence about a racist rant leaked to the media by a former girlfriend. "today in the bay" peggy bunker joins us with more.
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peggy, been over two weeks sin that tape was released. >> 16 days has taken donald sterling to come out of hiding and address the league tape where he makes racist remarks about magic johnson and others. in his apologies despite calling magic johnson a friend, he seems to take a second swipe at the nba great. >> i'm not a racist. i made a terrible, terrible mistake. and i'm here -- >> donald sterling sitting down with cnn's anderson cooper talking for the first time and offering an apology all caught on tape by the former girlfriend. his comments cost him everything. banned for life from attending any nba games, practices and also personnel decisions as a team owner. soon the nba owners will decide if he has to give that team up completely and sell his stake in the clippers. also fined by adam silver. sterling said he made a mistake and he also said he took a long time to apologize because he has
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been so distraught. >> it's a terrible mistake. and i'll never do it again. i'm so emotionally distraught and the reason it's hard for me, very hard for me is that i'm wrong. i caused the problem. i don't know how to correct it. >> magic johnson, the target in sterli sterling's rant spoke out about sterling's comment. now, interestingly, sterling talked about magic and started with an apology and then seemed to throw fuel on the fire. >> if i said anything wrong, i'm sorry. he's a good person and what am i going to say? has he done everything he can do to help minorities? i don't think so. >> that was supposed to be a
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full apology, but as you just saw, he doesn't think maybe magic was a good role model for children. he says that and i'll have the portion of the interview coming up in 30 minutes. not much of an apology to magic johnson. i'm completely wrong, i don't know how to fix it and addressing magic johnson and then he said he doesn't think he's been a very good role model. >> interesting to hear, i think. what else he has to say. thanks a lot, peggy. 5:05, the community coming together to help a south bay family of a murder victim. shot and killed tuesday morning in what san jose police are calling road rage. now his wife of 16 years is left to care for the couple's two children, including one who has autism. a san jose police officer created a website but they've already raised $36,000 and they hope to collect $50,000. >> that says a lot about the community. 5:05. contra costa board of
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supervisors will meet to discuss the largest emergency room. in the meantime employees of doctors medical center in san pablo and people nearby talked about ways to save the hospital, even as it is set to close down this summer. the likely closure comes after $20 million tax was rejected by voters last week. the money would have dealt with the hospital's $18 million deficit. 5:06. it's heating up. a spare the air day and christina loren, i'm not going to use the fireplace today. >> no need for it. right now we're getting the most comfortable readings of the day, so, if you're looking for cool weather, maybe you want to go for a brisk jog this morning, you can ride your bike. ths morning right around sunrise take place in the next hour. coolest point of the day. you want to get out there as soon as possible and a bad idea to send any sort of time outdoors today. if you're running or exercising or overdoing it. 88 degrees.
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that's warm enough for heat stroke here in the south bay. this is just the beginning. temperatures climb out of the mid to upper 80s and into the triple digits. we could see 105 in gilroy as we get into wednesday. that looks to be the warmest day, but even as we start to cool off a touch, getting into the end of the week, way above average. so, get ready for a pro-longed heat event bay area. i want to show you right now when it comes to the spare the air alert, we're mostly in the moderate air quality range. you're okay this morning in san francisco along the peninsula and in the north bay. here's a look at this week at a glance. warming continues for today. triple-digit heat for the middle of the week and then those temperatures will start to moderate a touch as we head into this weekend and next week. like i said, it will stay hot. we'll show you how long this warm up will last coming up in my next report. let's check your drive and say happy monday to mike inouye. >> yes, definitely always happy monday. you can hear the resounding
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applause here. and slow drive across the span from oakland to san francisco and vice versa. debris reported as you look at your map and a single glass jar from the chp calling at treasure island. not much of a report, but, still, i saw a little slowing and might have been a big jar, we'll see how things go on the follow-up reports. a smooth drive out of the maze and following up here. northbound 680 at the main street on-ramp. sounds like all the activity just about cleared and may still have a little bit of flashing lights, but no slowing shows up on our sensors. that's better news we were concerned about activity through the area. in the south bay where the speed sensors okay, we'll take our live camera and just got word from chp that is cut off from what i wanted to show you. the bottom corner is where i'm looking. northbound 101 approaching 680. reports of a car fire still not a great shot. we'll realign that and it's cutting off our picture.
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i'll check that car fire. 5:08. 49ers reportedly threatening to stop joe montana from building a massive hotel and entertainment center unless the team gets more parking. bob redell across the street from where montana actually wants to build. good morning, bob. >> good morning. the star quarterback wants to build a $4 million entertainment center on that acre parcel land, as you can see directly located from the brand-new levi stadium. this is land that montana star leasing from the city of santa clara before that stadium deal was ever finalized. >> we're right across the street from the stadium. we're looking at doing a hotel, a couple office buildings and some entertainment and some food and beverage, obviously. >> but his former employee can crush that dream. the chronicle is reporting that the 49ers are threatening to force the city to nix montana's
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development because the team needs to use that land for parking for its new stadium. the team could build 789 parking spots there. the city has proposed 4,000 other spots, but the team has said no to them for various reasons. some have drainage issues, for example. using the youth soccer field next door for parking on game days. that's not going to happen, says the city. and the team has indicated that sharing parking spaces with montana's development wouldn't work either. so, that could lead to the possibility that the team could say you have to shut down joe montana's development because we'll need that space for all those cars. again, a stadium that will be holding 68,500 people. you can do the math, they need a lot of spots for the parking. the issue of parking has got to be resolved soon because levi stadium scheduled to open this august. >> thanks so much, bob. 5:10. google glass is on sale. it was at a golf tournament.
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we'll tell you how the whole thing came together. a boy scout troop uses their training to rescue a national news acre. got a story for nbc bay area investigative unit? call the tip line at 1-888-996-tips or e-mail us at theunit@nbcbay ya
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welcome back. chairman of samsung remains in the hospital. 72-year-old was rushed to the hospital after having trouble breathing. he had a procedure to place a stint into his blood vessels yesterday. the company says he is in stable condition, no word on who is assuming his duties while he recovers. if you bought some of those glove-looking shoes, you could be in for a refund. they're called the finger shoes. you'll kind of know them when
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you see them if you take a look at this. the company that makes them vibrant is settling a class action lawsuit for $3.5 million. the suit alleged the company misrepresented health research in its advertising. customers who filed valid claims could get up to $50 back. any money leftover from the settlement will go to the american heart association. google picked an interesting spot for its first ever in-person sale of google glass. over the weekend it was sold face-to-face at the players championship tournament in florida. google dropped the glass off at its display at the tournament along with its other product. it had never been sold person-to-person before. well, for a quick look at the markets, let's turn to jackie deangelo and see her live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, jackie. >> hi, again, scott. the futures pointing to a higher
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open as they come off a mixed week next week. the second record close last week and the nasdaq suffering the worst week in a month. look for some reports this week on retail and also earnings from macy's and walmart. those will move the markets around. the dow rose 32 points on friday to finish at 16583. the nasdaq adding 20 points to 4071. back to you. >> all right, jackie, thank you much. in the meantime, it is going to be very warm throughout the week. >> wednesday, but we're not going to get a lot of relief, on on thursday. we live in the bay area, we know the temperatures go up and down. and we're just going up this time. let's go ahead and talk about the reason why we're starting out nice and clear. 5:15 right now. big ridge of high pressure, basically. that is a big dome of hot air that is going to move over the bay area and just kind of situate itself as we head throughout the midsection of the week.
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not going to break down much, though, as we get through this weekend. if you want to hit the beach, go ahead. definitely seeing the worst as we get into wednesday and thursday. mostly clear, breezy to start the day and very windy especially at the beach lose a lot of the wind today which is why we have the spare the air alert. valleys in the upper 80s and 70s at the coast for today and sun will set at 8:10 and i have to tell you the first official day of summertime isn't even until we hit another month and a half and that will be june 21st. a big taste of summer before we get into that season. 88 degrees in the south bay, you want to see where we're headed, hold on. the weathermaker, big dome of hot air will move in and as the winds move from land to sea, they warm up along the way and that provides that warming trend. now, for us, take a look at these numbers. 95 degrees for tomorrow and 97 for wednesday and then slightly cooling you as we head throughout the end of the week,
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but not by much. let's check your drive, here's mike inouye. >> northbound 101 and we correct the camera issue with the computer but the camera issue still shows you the smooth drive northbound 101. right here look at the flashing lights. we did catch a glimpse of it and that car fire and flames coming out from the front of the car and no injuries and doesn't look like any smoke coming through the area. i've seen that as far as our view. just north of tully road. show you on the map where that is right at the interchange here. right as you're approaching that area and doesn't show up on our sensors and in fact the rest of your bay shows a typical monday commute at this time. easy drive across doumbarton an good news just in time for that morning commute start slowing down heading over westbound into
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novato. no big drama through livermore and easy flow through livermore. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza shows you an easy flow of traffic off the berkeley curve. no surprises here. that's good. back to you. >> thanks so much. mobile home park in palo alto will have to discuss his plan to close and sell the park at a hearing today. want to sell the buna vista mobile home park that will displace 100 families. they're holding out hope they'll keep to keep the low-income housing. rent in palo alto is four times higher than what they pay. many will have to move to new cities if that park closes. the hearing is scheduled to last three days. now to an exclusive investigative unit report silicosil silicon valley one of the toxic spill sites in the country. for the first time tonight our investigative unit maps out more
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than 500 separate sites, which contain toxic chemicals. the sites, part of the legacy of the infant microchip industry. experts say we're going to live with for decades. >> unauthorized discharges from usually many years ago. people doing things are considered normal and industry practice but that we now know cause problems. >> 23 of the sites are super fund sites. our investigative team, though, found hundreds of other smaller sites scattered throughout silicon valley. coming up tonight at 11:00, our team will talk to experts about the threats it poses to you and your family. find your home, find out what spill site could be located near you tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. as the search for the missing malaysian airline continues this morning. new discussion of who should pay for all of it. a navy vessel currently scanning the floor of the indian ocean looking for signs of the plane and more than two dozen other
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countries also taking part in that search. the flight disappeared more than two months ago with 239 people onboard. australia's prime minister says it could take eight months and cost more than $55 million to find the plane. malaysian officials say it's time to talk about who is exactly going to pay for that search. a new jersey boy scout troop is getting credit for saving news reporter ann curry. the troop hiking last month spotted curry sitting on the side of a trail and one asked her if everything was okay and she said, not really, i think i broke my ankle. the scout splinted curry's leg and built a makeshift sclecher to carry her down the hill where her husband was waiting in the car. curry cled the troop to thank the boys. she tweeted this out, if you break a leg on a mountain i hope boy scout troop 368 finds you. boy am i glad they found me. >> that's awesome. 5:20 right now. right? had to check.
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it's monday. certainly. san jo san jose something no spartan has done in 25 years. the miami dolphin suspends one player after he sends out a controversial tweet during the nfl draft.
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miami dolphins taking action against safety jones. he sent off a controversial comment during the draft. he tweeted out horrible when michael sam. now the dolphins had fined and suspended jones from all team activity until he completes educational training. jones apologized for the comment saying he regretted the tweet took away from sam's draft moment. >> sam was picked up by the rams in the seventh round of the draft. he was picked 249th out of 256.
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>> now, picked just a few rounds before that san jose quarterback david fales selected 183rd by the chicago bears. the first spartans quarterback to be drafted since 1988. he holds the school record in every significant passing category, including single season records in yards and touchdowns. the first san jose quarterback to play in the nfl since jeff garcia. >> stanford trent murphy the first player taken in the draft. he went 47th to washington. davante adams. national corvette museum in kentucky cashing in on a massive sinkhole that swallowed eight corvettes earlier this year. >> video from february. the floor of the museum and crews used a drone to scope out
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the 30-foot sinkhole. all the corvettes pulled out from the hole and museum officials say attendance has been up since the hole. now they say the sinkhole is part of the corvette history and considering covering the hole with glass and considering it making it part of the exhibit. >> that would be interesting to see. >> go to the giant hole museum. >> kind of makes your heart sink. seeing those very expensive cars go down. let's check the forecast right now. going to need a convertible this week, christina, and a lot of sunscreen. >> a lot of sunscreen. a lot of water, as well. good morning to you. temperatures about 10 to 15 degrees warmer than where we ended up yesterday. that means we'll jump out of the 50s and end up in the upper 80s. 88 degrees for the south bay. the peninsula is at 86 degrees and 89 in the east bay and 76 san francisco and 90 degrees straight up in the north bay and it's only just getting cooking. as we head throughout the next couple days temperatures soar even more so. take you to the forecast.
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back to work monday and hopefully no problems out there and hopefully we have mike inouye to give the news. >> looking over here towards 880 and oakland coliseum and traffic. no big surprises for the flow of traffic through oakland. take you a little further south. right around the castro valley 880 you see on the left. the issue not the roadways but coming just around this same area, looking at delays about ten minutes for the b.a.r.t. line heading towards richmond and they're just talking about an equipment problem on the tracks. more details likely we just hear about updates and a recovery. a smooth drive and no major problems out of the altamont pass and little build right there through livermore. just starting for westbound 580. south bay your northbound routes continue a smooth drive. at 280, 680 where there is a car fire on the shoulder. crews are on scene and a little slowing and a little extra and the rest of the bay. you pick your path, pretty
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predictable. san jose police investigating after a late-night stabbing. what they're telling us, next. firefighters after an early morning fire in the south bay, we'll tell you all about it. and let's take a beautiful, live look outside. look at that. sun coming up over the bay area. see the bay bridge there. that's a nice way to start a monday morning. we'll get through it. 5:27 right now.
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new details about the more than 200 girls kidnapped in nigeria. what the kidnappers are now demanding for their safe return. the smell of a massive fire at a south bay landfill lingers in the air. what firefighters are now telling us, coming up. and we have a lot to go over in your forecast for the week. warming continues for today. triple digits on the way for the mid section of the week and then we get a little bit of cooling, but not much. we'll take you through your microclimate changes in moments. and it's hot, like car fire
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hot in san jose. meanwhile b.a.r.t. systems reporting a delay already. a live look outside, it's monday, may 12th and this is "today in the bay." well, good morning, everyone. welcome to back to work monday. thanks for joins us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> you make it sound fun. i'm laura garcia-cannon. donald sterling in his own words. he finally breaks his silence about a racist rant leaked to the media by a former girlfriend. peggy, it's been over two weeks since that tape was leaked. >> 16 days it has taken donald sterling to come out of hiding and address the league tape in which he makes remarks. in his apology for those comments, he seems to take a second swipe at the nba great. >> i'm not a racist.
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i made a terrible, terrible mistake. >> donald sterling sitting down with cnn's anderson cooper talking for the very first time and offering apologies for a series of racist remarks caught on tape by former girlfriend. his comments cost him everything. he's banned for life from attending any nba games, practices, also all personnel decisions as a team owner. soon the nba owners will decide if he has to give the team up completely and sell his stake in the clippers. he was also fined $2.2 million by adam silver. sterling feels especially bad for his players. >> my players, they didn't need this. they didn't need this cloud over their head and they're good people and i love them and i respect them and will always be there for them. for them to hear that i'm a possible racist is so painful to me because i'm not a racist. >> magic johnson, the target in
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sterling's rant spoke out about his punishment. >> i'm just happy that commissioner adam silver came down hard. >> now, sterling seemed to apologize to magic johnson at first saying he's great, but then insults magic with this. >> i just don't think he is a good example for the children of los angeles. >> magic johnson, of course, he's one of the most beloved and adored players in the nba. a three mvp awards and 12 all-star game appearances and this apology from donald sterling doesn't really come off as an apology at all. but he says he is very sorry to his players who play on the clippers and, again, and again just says i'm sorry, so sorry. the remorse setting in. this just cost him everything. >> no doubt, in many ways. thanks a lot, peggy. >> sure. also new this morning, investigators trying to figure out what started an early morning fire at a homeless camp in san jose. it happened at what is known as
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the jungle homeless camp off story road. the fire brought under control just before 4:00 this morning. it was a grass fire. crew husband a hard time getting to the fire, but once they did, they were able to put it out quickly. police in san jose spent much of the night canvassing the area where a man was stabbed. it happened near archer street and michigan avenue just before 9:30. officers say the man had been stabbed at least once. he was taken to the hospital. we have not been told of his condition this morning. the suspect has not been found or even identified at this point. investigators say they're still looking for a motive, as well. fire crews are checking on a smoldering landfill this morning to make sure hot spots don't reignite. the zanker landfill caught fire yesterday afternoon. the fire sent a large, dense plume of smoke into the air. the wind pushed the flames around. at the height of the fire, nearly 55 firefighters and 11 engines on the scene. after several hours crews were able to put out the flames and no word yet on how that fire
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started. a painful reminder this morning for parents about water safety after a concord baby nearly drowned in a backyard swimming pool. christie smith joins us live in concord with an update on the baby's condition. good morning. >> good morning to you, scott. you know, the latest information that we have is that the baby was revived and is listed in stable condition after a report of a near drowning at a backyard swimming pool yesterday mother's day here in concord, certainly a wake-up call. as you said, a reminder about water safety as we see some really hot temperatures this weekend. little kids try to cool off. yesterday concord police received an emergency call to a home on ducker court of an infant who had drowned in the pool there. this was after 6:00 p.m. police arrived first and found the little baby nonresponsive and being cared for by family members. police immediately took over the life-saving efforts until paramedics could arrive moments later and the baby was
5:35 am
transferred and then another hospital and revived. the police still have not discussed the circumstances of the accidental drowning as they're calling it, but, again, this type of story certainly reminds us all to be careful, especially with little children around water as we're seeing temperatures in the 90s, maybe even 100s this week. reporting live in concord, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. at 5:35. continuing coverage on the mass kidnapping of nigerian school girls. just hours ago the leader of an islamic extremist group released a video. in it he says he will free more than 200 girls in exchange for the release of the militant prisoners. dozens of girls were shown wearing full vail veils and pr in the video. if genuine, the video would be the first sign that any of the kidnapped girls are still alived. in the meantime, hostage negotiators will arrive in the northern part of the country
5:36 am
today. even though there is no word where the girls might be. it has attracted international outrage. just last week nigeria was forced to accept international help in that search after ignoring officers for weeks. here in the bay area, demonstrators will hold a vigil for the girls tonight. set for 6:30 in palo alot on university avenue. the focus will be to call for justice and show support for women and girls across the country who are victims of violent crimes. 5:36 this monday morning. let's check win meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning, everybody. want to get you up and moving this morning. no fog to show you and really no low clouds at all. might find ragged patches and overall nice and clear from san jose all the way in to san francisco. as a result, sunshine coming in right off the bat. that means we're going to see some really warm temperatures as we head throughout this afternoon. but really pretty sunrise. going to occur right on time
5:37 am
here in san francisco at about 6:03 this morning. so, we're still getting to the coolest point of the day. any outdoor activities to take care of, the coolest morning of the week. 53 degrees for the peninsula and 53 degrees in san francisco and temperatures are going to be hot today. breezy through the hills and at the coast. 80s, upper 80s widespread across your inland valleys at the coast today you will see the 70s and we'll trade those 70s in for 80s at the ocean as we head throughout your tuesday and wednesday. sun will set at 8:10 and we do have a spare the air day. the only benefit from a spare the air day is an absolutely spectacular sunset. temperatures today are going to be warm and then we're going to crank that heat up even more so as we get into tuesday and wednesday looks hot. 90 degrees for the north bay and 80 degrees in the east bay. these pictures just look hot to me, mike. hazy sunshine in the tri-valley and likely be sparing the air for the next couple days.
5:38 am
car pooling a good idea as we head through next week. over to you. >> those numbers go along with those pictures, so, yay. over here hot, hot fire reported coming underneath this car that's hidden just beneath the pillar. great placement of that. over off the shoulder and traffic flowed smoothly. see headlights northbound at 280 and starting to slow down as the build happens right now. look at the map. this is the first burst we see and we are seeing that build a little added distraction but, again, all lanes are cleared northbound 101 to san jose right by 680 to 280. a smoother drive around the rest of the bay and a smooth drive along the peninsula at speeds and same thing across the san mateo and tri-valley slowing for 580 and down towards the 40-mile-per-hour mark and in through livermore and approaching 680. the bay bridge toll plaza a live look shows you out there. the cash lanes are really
5:39 am
starting to back up. in fact, back to the parking lot on both sides of the fastrak faster than we'll see on a monday. the metering lights turn on in 20 minutes. back to you. 5:39. after nearly three years the washington monument gets ready to welcome back. we're live inside or outside the monument with a look at the grand reopening. how the 49ers could be the one thing standing in the way of joe montana building a massive entertainment complex right across the street from the stadium.
5:40 am
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a very good monday morning to you. we're taking you live to washington, d.c., this morning from a distance because today the washington monument reopens. it has been closed since being damaged during anu earthquake i 2011. visitors are lining up to get the first tickets, good morning.
5:42 am
>> that's right, lauren. good morning. they just opened the doors a few minutes ago to allow people in for the 1,800 tickets for the first tours this afternoon. first, this morning, they're having a big event. the interior secretary and lots of park service officials will be here, bands and entertainers to reintroduce america to the national monument. you might recall that video dramatic video of the shaking that went on august 2011. it was an earthquake in this area and it cost quite a bit of damage to the monument. i mean, there were cracks that you could see light coming through. they had to put in 2 1/2 miles of mortar to pull it altogether. they had to come up with even more granite and marble than they thought and had to find more to actually match the monument. big steel plates holding it altogether. now, the repairs are done and new exhibits here and some interactive exhibits for kids, people with disabilities.
5:43 am
they are trying to freshen things up on the inside a bit and, of course, that dramatic view from the top that people here will get a chance to see for the first time in over 2 1/2 years. >> that will be exciting. have you been in it yet or planning on going in? >> no, i didn't get a chance to go in. they did let a few people in to do some advance tours, some people from the media over the weekend and i have not and i am hearing it is the best view of washington, d.c., ever. it's an icon. really the thing, a lot of people come here to see. i'm looking forward to getting in. if not today, maybe at some point with my kids over the summer. >> can't wait to hear about it. thanks so much, tracie. the downfall of 49er joe montana's newest product could be the team itself. the organization reportedly says it will kill montana's project unless the team has new stadium spaces. bob redell live outside across the street from where montana
5:44 am
wants to build and, bob, this is all about parking. >> it is. at issue is the eight-acre parcel land and you can see it right there behind me, located directly across the street from the brand-new levi stadium and the star quarterback for the 49ers wants to use that land to build a $400 million entertainment center. montana would like to develop it with office space, hotels, shops and restaurants. >> place to be right now. i can't wait to get going. so many people are going to love the area and block off the street right in front of our property. walk across into the stadium. pretty neat. >> but his former employer could crush that dream. "the chronicle" reporting that the 49ers are threatening to force the city of santa clara to nix montana's development plans because the team needs to use that land for parking for its new stadium. the city is guaranteed that the team could build 789 parking
5:45 am
spots there. city leaders would like to make both protects work and both sides happy and hence the reason they have offered proposed 4,000 other parking spots but the team has said no to them for various reasons. some having drainage issues, for example. the 49ers has proposed used the youth soccer field next door for parking on game day, but that's not going to happen says the city. and the team has indicated that sharing parking spaces with montana's development wouldn't work either. this issue of parking has to be resolved soon as you're well aware, levi stadium scheduled to open in about three months. first game, which is going to be the san joseurt earthquakes takes place august 2nd. roorting live here in santa clara, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks, bob. all right, seeing a comeback, the heat is going to come back, at least by mid-week today. our coolest day of the week? >> not quite the coolest day of the week friday we'll probably see 82 degrees.
5:46 am
but going to be the coolest morning of the week. i could definitely tell you that because as our days get warmer, each night gradually those overnight lows are warmer, as well. 5:45. thanks for waking up with us on a monday morning. hopefully you had a great mother's day weekend. happy belated mother's day to any mothers or grandmothers out there. my sister had a baby yesterday. my mom had a fantastic mother's day. clear start in san jose. just a few, high, wispy clouds. as we head throughout the day today, it is going to be a hot one. you can see there the reason why from the golden gate bridge, absolutely no fog to cool us down. our natural ac has been turned off by mother nature. as we head throughout the next couple days high pressure builds in and this ridge of high pressure is packing a lot of energy. what's going to happen is going to drive our winds off shore and they'll warm up as they move from land to sea and humidity levels very dry and hot. right now the coolest morning of
5:47 am
the entire week. temperatures right now in the upper 40s to low 50s as we head throughout this afternoon, 88 degrees in san jose, 76 degrees in san francisco. you're going to turn that over to 84 degrees in san francisco tomorrow and a lot of people who live in the city, work in the city, yeah, we don't have a lot of acs out there. you do want to keep in mind, it might be that time of year when you think about purchasing one. 72 degrees for friday in the city, so, san jose and san francisco getting much cooler towards the end of the week, but, overall, our lows are going to be mild. let's check your drive, here's mike. >> we're looking over here towards the bay bridge, christina, typical backup in the cash lanes and maybe a little bit heavier. heavy monday backup, i guess. no big surprises. the fastrak lanes are moving and christina talking about the heat coming on. look at the maps, show you a smooth drive. berkeley curve a little slowing, not a big deal. by the time you get to treasure island, a smooth drive into san francisco and starting with the
5:48 am
build kicking in approaching the area. the a's and the giants both play 7:15 tonight. not each other, playing opposing teams. over here towards the tri-valley, the build continuing to livermore but by the time we get into 580 at the very worst and 680 still moves at speeds pleasanton towards sunol. even though the build is on, your typical morning build the earlier car fire there at northbound 101. let's look at the map, 280, 680, look at the live camera and all the flashing lights have cleared from the area behind the pillar and a smoother build and fremont getting down into the south bay and 880 no big problem. back to you. >> all right, mike, thank you. los angeles police investigating a shooting at a popular tourist destination involving one of their onwn officers. it happened at universal city walk, a strip of restaurants and shops outside of universal
5:49 am
studios. investigators not saying exactly what happened. we do know an officer opened fire after a fight broke out. one person was killed and another reportedly injured and the fight taken to the hospital. 5:48. a football player accused of attacking a man and his dog is expected in court today. police say drew got into an argument with the victim and then started perching him in the face and kicked his dog. the man's jaw was broken. allegedly happened near the cal campus last week. it is cooperating with berkeley police. the case against the 49ers aldon smith expected to move forward in santa clara county courtroom today. a procedural hearing and smith is not expected to be there. he is facing felony gun charges in a drunk driving charge. the los angeles city attorney still considering misdemeanor charges after smith made a fake bomb threat at los angeles airport last month. despite the legal troubles, they will keep smith through the 2015
5:50 am
up option. an apple employee out on the sidewalk helping customers, much like over the weekend. on friday someone drove a car through the front door of the store. thieves ditched the car, but they did grab several iphones and computers. police are still looking for the bad guys. 5:50. san carlos one of the first cities on the peninsula to implement water use restrictions. tonight the city council will meet to discuss whether to require people living there to cut back on their water use by 20%. several bay area cities in the south bay, east bay and tri-valley have already implemented mandatory cutbacks. 5:50. how the weather could play a big role in the tour of california as it rolls through the south bay. let's face it,
5:51 am
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welcome back. lawyers for the city of stockton will appear before a judge today asking for bankruptcy protection. the city asking the judge to approve its plan to reorganize more than $900 million in long-term debt. opposing the deal is franklin templeton investments which lent the city $35 million to build fire houses and parks and move its police dispatch center. stockton wants to pay 10% of that total. stockton is the largest city in california to file for bankruptcy protection. one of the plaintiffs in a lawsuit against several tech companies including apple and google is protesting a $324 million settlement. that was negotiated by his own lawyers. michael divine is one of four named plaintiffs in a class action of 64,000 people who sued apple, google, intel and adobe. they claim they made a deal not
5:54 am
to hire from each other's companies to avoid a salary war. they should have to pay significantly more and admit wrongdoing. stage two of the tour of california starts in just a few hours in folsom. it's a short race just 12.5 miles through the city's historic district. mark cavendish who prevailed in stage one with a width of a tire. tomorrow stage three of the race gets started right here in san jose. it will be one of the most challenging stages of the bike race, sending riders up mt. hamilton and then an 11-mile climb to the top of mt. diablo. >> heat stroke could be an issue. they're going to do things like water down the riders and what not to keep the temperatures down but at the same time getting towards the end of the last climb and what not is going to be hot. >> the heat may affect the aspha asphalt. if the road warms up to 140
5:55 am
degrees or more, it could cause the tires to soften and that could slow down the bike. a live look at at&t park this morning. the giants back home for the first time this month. they went 7-3 on this most recent road trip. they play the braves, 7:15 tonight and also heritage night at the park. during tonight's game they will name the honorary bat girl. the league is recognizing baseball fans who have been affected by breast cancer. she's a librarian and was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. she'll get to attend batting practice today, meeting pablo sandoval before taking part in tonight's pregame activities. >> that should be fantastic. what kind of baseball weather? should you bring a jacket? >> you probably won't need one. i would say a light sweater is okay, but nuther t nothing too . as we head throughout the day, temperatures are mostly going to be in the 50s. the 50s to start right now and
5:56 am
then we're going to jump into the upper 80s. 88 degrees in the south bay later on today and i can tell you right now this is the coolest morning of the week. temperatures are going to soar even more so. we're talking about smashing temperature records and the national weather service has actually issued a warning. we'll driive into that and area where you need to be concerned about the heat. right now, though, let's check with mike who is tracking a couple things for you on a monday morning. >> shot from the bay bridge toll plaza. saw our camera from emeryville around the metering lights. any second they'll be turned on we see about that build and also look at the maps. we're talking about a crash reported southbound 880 and past the coliseum as you're getting away from here, downtown is just fine. you'll find slowing over the next few this just reported but sounds like a couple things affected. a smooth drive for the rest of the bay. northbound 101 from 680 to 880.
5:57 am
the build now at the dublin interchange and continue to see that slowing and through plsanton start to build next and give you a nice flow of traffic. 5:57. we are getting unconfirmed reports of a gas line break in san jose. details for you coming up. police involved in a shooting in a popular universal city walk. we'll have a live report about that. we'll hear from donald sterling. what he has to say about magic johnson, coming up.
5:58 am
man: we know when parents and teachers work together...
5:59 am
woman: our schools get stronger. man: as superintendent of public education, that's been tom torlakson's approach. woman: torlakson has supported legislation to guarantee spending decisions about our education tax dollars are made by parents, teachers and the local community... and not by sacramento politicians. and we need to keep that legislation on track. man: so tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for local control of school funding decisions. breaking news. a nigerian terror group releases a new video allegedly showing hundreds of girls held against their will. what the group wants in exchange for releasing the girls, next.
6:00 am
flames break out in a homeless camp so large it's known as the jungle. >> i'm not a racist. i made a terrible, terrible mistake. plus, donald sterling speaks out. why he says he was bated into making those racist remarks and why he is pointing the finger at magic johnson. that heat will crank this week. bay area the warming continues for today. ten degrees warmer than yesterday. triple digits on the way for the mid-section of the week. a little bit of cooling at the end of the week but we'll stay with this hot stretch of weather for maybe 15 days. your forecast in moments. that crash i told you i just heard about, found it. 880 jammed up past the coliseum. show you the effect on your east bay commute, coming up. downtown san jose, it's monday, may 12th. this is "today in the bay."